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Welcome to the Worldwide Partners Alliance


The Worldwide Partners Alliance (WPA)isanISO 9001 Certified, independent and professionally managed global network of transportation and logistics providers that specialize in both Air &
Ocean Freight Forwarding and Niche/Specialized market services.

The shipping sector is continuously evolving with new innovations leading to a more fragmented market with a growing number of specialist companies catering to the diverse needs of the shipping public. The WPA is the only global network organization that covers both General Freight Forwarding by Air & Ocean as well as all main Niche and Specialized operations.

For shipping decision makers, the WPA offers a one-stop facility to locate and get quotations from either general freight forwarders or specialists in various transportation niche markets such as Textiles, HazMat, Perishables, Project Cargo, etc. For transportation intermediaries we offer membership in the most quality-focused network where business can be developed with industry peers on a global basis in a secure financial environment.

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