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      Making sure you are able to get the right product to your clients on time requires real time collaboration between suppliers, manufacturing and distribution operations. In addition to coordinating overseas manufacturing and transportation efforts with suppliers and co-packers, you must be able to meet a variety of retail client requests for value added services such as consolidations.


      The PGI fully understands the challenges of the global supply chain and has helped many of today?s top companies improve the flow of products in the global supply chain. Our ability to execute the plan through our network of global offices and agents plus the power of our Supply Chain suite enables our clients to meet supply chain requirements easily and cost-effectively. With a full range of integrated supply chain execution solutions, also helps you increase performance of activities outside the four walls when it comes to managing store deliveries, inventory history and supplier re-orders.


- On line product catalog
- Factories qualified to build the product
- Product pricing down to the bill of material level
- Load optimization
- On line forecasts and purchase orders
- Managing order releases and PO status
- Monitoring of completed orders
- Tracking in transit orders down to the line item order detail
- Full scope of freight forwarding services
- Full line of on line reporting services
- End to end global sourcing solution